21.03.2020      16:00 Uhr Mitgliederhauptversammlung verschoben auf noch nicht bekannten Termin
02.04.2020 Ostereier Aktion Grundschule Graf Eberhard Schule - abgesagt
26.05.2020 Sponsorenlauf Graf Eberhard Schule
11.07.2020 Dorfstraßenfest

Karma Choezom, die Schulleiterin der KBS Kathmandu schreibt am 30.03.2020: Dear Barbarala and Winfried la, Hopefully you are keeping yourself safe in this difficult time. Here the government extended the lock down period till April 7. We didn't get enough time to prepare the result. All the works are stopped and people are locked inside their houses.
I am very sad that this happened and our program could not be able to hold.It was a great opportunity to thank you for your successful leadership of Forderkreis. But we missed it. Next time is always there. I hope we will get this opportunity soon.
As to my information, no one among our acquaintances have come into contact with the disease yet.And I hope the same with our friends and members there. Praying to Boudhanath to get quick relief from the disastrous virus threat for every one, especially for all our sponsor members and friends.
Please stay safe, stay healthy. With all the good wishes, Tashi Dele!!
Karma Chozom

                                                                !!!Februar 2019 - KBS in Kathmandu!!!


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